About Us

Why Choose Us?

Safari Heroes, A wonderland pick to your destination.

Set in Tanzania as one among the leading tourism company with an experience in years of service and total comfort, be it mountain trekking, wildlife or safaris; we got you covered.

With the capacity build up, humbled customs, legit teams of professionals; the company is able to accommodate any group size with any variety of interests, timeframes and a budget in hand; with no hesitation or doubts.

Being a local company, all profits are redirected to the community for an impact. Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation is a non-governmental outreach organization that aims to improve the lives of Tanzania’s disadvantaged and vulnerable children who live and study in conditions of poverty and are unable to receive proper education and health services, all this thank you to the company.

We would love to see you indulge into this heroic expedition including the lives impacted and much more. Any hero deserves a unique story, and every story is an experience forged; let us take you to this experience; with No Regrets.

You can book with us using Safari Bookings.

Community Focused

We greatly value our community and encourage you to check out the charity and school that we’ve started right here in Moshi, the Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation. Consider pairing volunteering with your travel! We’re trying to make our country a better place one safari, trek, and child at a time.